Video Creations

Guys, now I've started to make Video Creations. Here I show you every video I've made and I will make in the future. For all them I've opened a YouTube-channel.


Please click on the following button to my new YouTube-channel:

Now here's my first selfmade video. It's my own version of the "Waltons"-Intro.

For this video I've used my own creations together with the intro-song and the original "Good Night"-Talk between Elizabeth & John-Boy Walton. ;-)

So guys, now I've made my second video. It's another intro-video which shows my own interpretation of the "Diagnosis Murder" intro.


For this video I've used ONLY my own creations, which actually I've made for the banner of my fb-site "Diagnosis Murder Fanbase".


If you are interested into my fb-site please check out the following link, where you will find the direct link to it:


And now enjoy the video!!! ;-)

So guys, the following video-creation I've made was a special wish of my buddy Mark, who had the idea for this video and asked me if I can make it possible.


This video-creation I've produced of all the "Diagnosis Murder"-Intros of all the Seasons (1 - 8) and of both "Diagnosis Murder" Movies "A Town Without Pity" & "Without Warning".


All the Intros I've cutted myself of the episodes (I have on my hard drive) & from the movies (of my DM Movie Collection DVD). The text-creations between the Intros I've made myself too.


Now have fun with watching the whole video!!! ;-)