Guys, a warmly  V E R Y  W E L C O M E  to you on my

official website MZ Creations!!!

This website I've started, to give you a view on all my creations, which I've created over the last 10 years. Now they are too many, so I thought I should share them with you all.


For now there are a lot Dean Cain & Diagnosis Murder creations but in the future I will make a lot more different creations. You can be sure, slowly but surely this website will growing up in the next years. A lot more new creations will coming, DEFINITELY.


So now scroll back to the top and check out all the categories of my website and have a look on all my creations!!! Enjoy them!!!


If you like what I do here, than feel free to write something into the guestbook. Every comment is very welcome there!!! ;-)


BTW, check out the News for updates, so you won't missing something.


Now have a great time here!!!


Lovely Greets

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6th May 2016

Guys, today I've filled the category "Detective Steve Sloan Creations" with a new creation which I've made usually for using as my avatar-pic in my buddy Mark's Nostalgie-Crime-Board. But now I thought this creation deserves being on my website.


So please check it out!!! BTW, you will find that category (with the new creation) in the "Barry Van Dyke Creations" category which is in the "Diagnosis Murder Creations" area. ;-)

2nd May 2016

So guys, tonight I've made an Instagram "Happy 50th Birthday" Creation for Charlie Schlatter. You will find this creation in the same category & area where I've shared my very special B'day-creation too. For this please check out my other News-posting from the 1st May 2016. ;-)

1st May 2016

Guys, in the "Charlie Schlatter Creations" category of the "Diagnosis Murder Creations" area I've opened the new "Happy Birthday Creations" category. I've filled it with the special B'day-creation I've made for Charlie's 50th B'day he has today.

4th April 2016

Guys, I've filled the VIDEO CREATIONS area again with a new video-creation.


I've made it because of a special wish of my buddy Mark, who had the idea and asked me to make it possible.


It's a "Diagnosis Murder" video with all the Intros of all 8 Seasons and both movies "A Town Without Pity" & "Without Warning".


So let's go and check out the VIDEO CREATIONS area!!!

Have fun watching the video!!! ;-)

22nd March 2016

Guys, please check out the VIDEO CREATIONS area!!! I've filled this area with a new video-creation. It's my own interpretation of the "Diagnosis Murder" intro.


Let's go and watch it!!! Have fun!!! ;-)

12th March 2016

Guys, now I've filled the category "Roller Boogie" in the

MOVIES CREATIONS area with another creation I called

"Roller Boogie Romance - Bobby & Terry". I've made this

creation on Friday evening.

11th March 2016

Guys, a few minutes ago I've opened the new category "Roller Boogie" in the MOVIES CREATIONS area. I've filled this category with a new creation.

20th February 2016

Guys, today I've filled the category "The Jump" with 2 new creations I've made 2 weeks ago. I forgot to share them in my last few updates.


Also I've opened the new area VIDEO CREATIONS which I've filled with the link to my new YouTube-channel & my first video creation which is my own version of the "Waltons"-intro. Please go & check out the new area esp. the video!!! ;-)

18th February 2016

Guys, I've opened the new part "Valentine's Day" in the following categories "Different Dean Creations", "Barry Van Dyke", "Dick & Barry Van Dyke" & "Charlie Schlatter". I've filled all them with my creations. ;-)


You will find that part and those categories in the areas DEAN CAIN CREATIONS & DIAGNOSIS MURDER CREATIONS.

14th February 2016

Guys, today I've opened the new category "The Waltons" in the area SERIES CREATIONS. I've filled this new category with all the creations I've made last night.


Oh and I've updated the area SERIES CREATIONS with the button for this new category.

5th February 2016

Guys, today in the DEAN CAIN CREATIONS area I've opened the category "The Jump", which is a tv-show Dean is a part of it right now. I've filled this category with my new creation I've made for supporting him.


After this I've opened 2 new areas, the SERIES CREATIONS & the MOVIES CREATIONS. In the SERIES CREATIONS area I've opened the category "Bonanza" which I've filled with all the creations I've made till yet. The "Secret of the Sahara" category I've changed from the OTHER CREATIONS area into the MOVIES CREATIONS area.

19th January 2016

Guys, today I've opened the new area LINKS (MY OTHER WEBSITE/PARTNERSITES) which I split into the categories "My own Website/Facebook-Sites" and "Partnersites/Facebook-Sites".

Those categories I've filled with links to my other website, my fb-sites etc. and with different links to some websites of my buddies and (at the moment) 1 other website to a band.

18th January 2016

So guys, now I've opened & filled the new part "MZ Creations" of the category "Facebook-Site Creations".

17th January 2016

Guys, now my website is complete. I've filled the category "Diagnosis Murder Fanbase Creations" of the area FACEBOOK-SITE CREATIONS and the whole area OTHER CREATIONS.


Oh BTW, I've wrote a very important endorsement (with red letters) into my WELCOME-text here.

PLZ READ IT!!! (scroll a little bit back)


Now I've opened the FB-site & the Twitter-account Here on the website feel free to use the like & follow button, which I integrated on the right side!!! Now you can share my website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & in your E-Mails too. All you gotta do is to click the appropriate button which I integrated also on the right side.

9th January 2016

Guys, today I've filled the category "Dean Cain Connection Creations" of the area FACEBOOK-SITE CREATIONS.

8th January 2016

Today I've filled the rest of the categories in the DEAN CAIN CREATIONS area with my creations. After this I've filled the whole DIAGNOSIS MURDER CREATIONS area with my creations.


BTW, I've created the favicon-pic for this website and uploaded it here.


So both areas are ready for you now. ;-)

7th January 2016

Guys, I'm sooo very happy because I did it today and started my own official website.


After managing all the website-style (uploading the banner-pic etc.) I started with the different areas for my creations, also with the THAT'S ME, GUESTBOOK, CONTACT and IMPRESSUM areas.


Then I've filled some categories of the DEAN CAIN CREATIONS area with my creations.