Guys, here I show you some Partnersites incl. Facebook-Sites from my buddies and some others.


Go & check them out!!! You won't regret it. ;-)

Eric's "Ducky's" Website

"Ducky's Autograph-World"

I start with the website "Ducky's Autograph-World" which my lovely man Eric is making and where he's showing all the autographs he collected for many years.


BTW, his website is named after his nickname Ducky.

He got his nickname because he's a very big fan of Donald Duck.

Mark's own website

"Meine Homepage - Das bin ich"

That's the personal website of my buddy Mark.

There he's showing his life and his hobbies too.

Mark's Autograph-Website

"Spenser's Autogrammwelt"

So this here is Mark's website where he shows all the autographs

of the celebs he collected for many years.

Mark's Message-Board


Guys, now this is the Message-Board "NOSTALGIE CRIME BOARD" from my buddy Mark.

He's the BOSS of this Board & IMO he's doing a fantastic job there.

BTW, I share the link to his Facebook-Site with you too. ;-)